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An efficiency engine that helps you grow. 

Harness the power of AI to automatically generate billable content like client tailored LinkedIn profiles, resumes, cover letters, Interview prep materials, & much more.

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AI-powered career tools for superior

employment outcomes.

Talenix is an AI-powered career tools platform used by career counselors, resume writers, and organizations dedicated to improving employment outcomes.

Talenix Dashboard Annouccements.png

Features for game-changing efficiency.

Unlock new revenue streams and supercharge existing ones. Service more clients while delivering better employment outcomes.

AI Writer

Write your sales, marketing, and client communications content 10x faster.

Use the AI writer to create the marketing content you know your business needs, but struggle to find the time to develop. Create months of content marketing in minutes. Write your sales, marketing, and client communications emails 10x faster. Let Talenix brainstorm and write your next blog article, press release, or any one of the available 40+ content types.

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Client & Content Management

Organize client deliverables in one place to increase your efficiency.

Add job descriptions to create and manage multiple ATS optimized resume versions for your clients. Create AI-generated interview prep, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, personal branding and more. Stop manually entering client details. Upload a client’s existing resume to auto-populate them in your Talenix account. Never miss a revenue opportunity with Talenix. Start offering client deliverables packed with value and earnings potential.

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AI Resume Optimizer

Monetize resume writing services and deliver faster than ever with AI.

Get a bulleted list of the keywords your client’s resume needs in order to target any job. Use the AI assistant to turn those keywords into complete sentences in seconds. Speed through resume creation and optimization like never before with your AI writing assistant. Share resume reports with clients with branded landing pages.

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Features You'll Love

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AI Writer

LinkedIn profiles, resumes, cover letters, interview prep materials, personal branding, client communications, email marketing, content marketing and much more.

Content Management

Create and organize months of content marketing and client communications for your business all in one central hub.

AI Resume Scanner

Optimize client resumes and tailor them to any job description. AI turns missing skills into complete work experience sentences in a click. Share resume reports with your clients on a branded landing page.

Client Management

Organize client deliverables like job specific resumes, cover letters, interview prep materials, and more. All in one place.

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